Our mission is to help golfers maintain and improve the excellence of their game all year round

At Newport Indoor Golf, players can hone their skills, play all year round or catch 9 holes in an hour or less. Our facility is for everyone on all levels. Beginners can get a good solid start in their game with focused lessons or more experienced golfers can train for precision excellence.

TRACKMAN 4 – Numbers Don’t Lie

We use the Trackman 4 system, a dual radar technology that measures the details and accuracy of every shot including the smash factor, spin rate, ball and club speed, launch, attack and face angles.   Players and coaches receive computerized precision analysis which offers in depth information for golf instruction, coaching, fitting and entertainment.

Trackman 4 tracks the full trajectory of any shot, from 6 foot pitches to 400 yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of less than 1 foot at 100 yards. It displays the shot’s 3D trajectory together with 26 impact and ball flight parameters in real time (data is delivered within 1 second).


Max Buerman, Founder & Owner

Max Buerman is an avid golfer who has merged his passion for the game with state-of-the-art technology. Newport Indoor Golf enables players to continue to hone their skills and enjoy the game during cold weather months instead of putting the clubs away for the season. Max graduated from Cornell University and is currently a  2019 MBA Candidate with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship at Boston University.

Brandon Violette, PGA

Director of Golf

Brandon Violette has been in the golf and sports industry for 11 years in various capacities. He has worked for multiple prestigious clubs including Newport Country Club, Pleasant Valley Country Club, Carnegie Abbey Club and also worked for the Player Development Department at the PGA of America National Headquarters. Brandon has published two articles in PGA Magazine on Player Development. Brandon has a BS in Business Management and Professional Golf Management from Coastal Carolina University and has experience in all aspects of club repair, fittings, golf instruction and tournament ops.

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