INSTRUCTOR:  Brandon Violette, PGA

Whether you’ve been struggling with a specific shot, or you want quality full swing advice from a professional but you aren’t ready to commit to a long term package, our ½ Hour Lessons are perfect for you. In 30 minutes your instructor will work to develop a short term practice plan to improve one aspect of your game. After your lesson feel free to spend 30 minutes practicing at our private range or short game facility.

Our 3 Step Process starts by using film to show you what you’re doing now, then using demonstrations or professional examples we will work to show what you should be doing, and in the third step we will work together to help you develop a practice plan achieve your golf-related goals.

This program is perfect for anybody from a first timer to a touring professional. For beginners we will spend one lesson covering the fundamentals of putting, chipping and pitching, irons, fairway woods, drivers, and with the final week we will develop a long term practice plan, play on course

The “6 Pack” lessons but with an expanded in depth program and more practice on the green.

In 90 minute lessons over 5 consecutive weeks groups of 4 to 12 students will learn the fundamentals of putting, chipping and pitching, irons, woods, and the fifth lesson will be spent doing on course instruction, all using state of the art Trackman Launch Monitors. By the end of this program students should be comfortable enough to play and have the knowledge to continue to improve.

7.5 hours of instruction $300 per player

Lesson Format

  1. Your professional will demonstrate the fundamentals of a given topic
  2. Students will start to practice the shots that were shown
  3. Each student will receive individual instruction from the professional on every subject.

What to Bring

  1. Bring your own golf clubs if you have them, if not clubs can be provided.
  2. Golf attire preferred with the exception of golf shoes.  Please leave those at home.

Lesson 1, Putting (and intro): The professional will describe the parts of the club and mention any common golf terminology that will be used during the lesson. Next, your professional will discuss the fundamentals of grip, posture, and alignment. Then your professional will demonstrate a putting drill, and give each student individual instruction while they start to practice. Your professional will show the class at least 3 different drills so students continue to improve after the class ends. We will end the class with a putting game because this can be the best way to practice.

Lesson 2, Wedge Play: Your professional will start by explaining the differences between all of the clubs in your set, and which ones are best for different types of shots. Next students will learn how to hit chip shots (small shots from close to the green), then pitches (shots long enough for players to add wrist hinge), and into “stock wedge shots”.

Lesson 3, Iron Play: The iron play lesson will start with a the students learning an effective warm-up routine, which can double as the start of a golf fitness routine. Then your professional will demonstrate and discuss the fundamentals of hitting full iron shots. Your professional will work with each student to explain the causes of your mis-hit shots and show each students drills that will help students continue to improve after our classes have ended.

Lesson 4, Woods: In this session we will start with a warm-up, and by hitting a few iron or wedge shots. Your professional will discuss the main differences between woods and irons, and explain how why your setup position should be different than with irons. Students will learn how (and when) to hit hybrids, woods, and drivers.

Lesson 5, On Course: In lesson 5 we will start with a full pre round warm-up, then we will head out onto the course (on our Trackman) to put all of your skills to the test! This is the perfect time to ask your professional any questions!


PXG makes the world’s finest golf clubs and equipment, engineered for golfers at every level. Visit our headquarters for a professional fitting with a PXG Master Fitter. Trained by the same engineers who make PXG clubs, our Master Fitters are equipped with a complete matrix of premium shafts that have been carefully selected for superior performance. They will analyze your swing and launch specs, recommending the ideal club configuration to maximize your distance and accuracy, increasing your enjoyment of the game while lowering your scores.



We are proud to offer Parson Extreme Golf (PXG) golf clubs for rental at our facility. Models include the Gen2 0311T, 0311P, 0311XF, and 0311SGI irons with various flexes to accommodate all golfing abilities and preferences!

We also offer an array of PXG merchandise available for purchase and order!

Please inquire about our PXG Club Offerings and how to reserve a set for your golf game for your next visit!



Our certified technician can help repair or refine your clubs. Included in our services are:

  • Shaft Installation, Removal and Adjustment
  • Grip Installations
  • Loft & Lie Adjustments
  • Replace Ferrule
  • Re-Epoxy Heads
  • Remove Rattle
  • Re-groove Shafted Iron
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